Creating an emotional connection with your B2B customers



In today’s crowded and commoditized marketing environment, B2B marketers are becoming more customer-centric and ramping up their branding efforts. A core part of brand building has always been to create an emotional connection with consumers. But, assuming their customers make purely rational decisions, B2B marketers are focusing on business value to differentiate their brands. Is this assumption correct? Does emotion actually play a role? Google partnered with CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council to research these questions. The quick answers: No. And yes, a big one. Read more about these and other surprising findings.

Personal Value is Key

B2B purchasers are almost 50% more likely to buy a product or service when they see personal value, such as opportunity for career advancement or confidence and pride in their choice. They are also 8x more likely to pay a premium for comparable products and services when personal value is present.

Personalizing Messages

To tap into emotional needs and convey personal value, brands must use language that customers identify with. It becomes imperative to Craft brand messages that convey personal value and how it leads towards achieving those goals

Motivating Action

To drive action, suppliers must shift buyers’ focus away from the costs and risks of change. By highlighting current pains, not just future gains, suppliers can boost urgency to act.

Develop your commercial insight

Buyers rarely appreciate differences between the business outcomes that various suppliers deliver. Teach customers something new about their business needs to help them appreciate the unique value of your solutions.


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