How to avoid bad site search experience



What is the roadblock between finding semi-skim milk and milk skim-semi? Check out this video and learn how improving your site search can help. This humorous video highlights how some missteps in the online shopping experience would look if they actually played out in real life.

Consumers base their search based on everyday terms

Websites need to take the time to make sure that their offerings are phrased in a manner that the customer can understand. This bridges the supply to the demand and accelerates the sales process.

Businesses sometimes forget whom the store is serving

Sometimes merchandising and copywriting is neglected throughout the online store. This is unfortunate because when it comes to buying online, the customer’s impression is based on what they see and experience.

Learn from mistakes & improve

It is normal and expected to experience hiccups along the way. But it also equally important to keep in mind that improving the customer’s experience digitally goes a long way towards accelerating sales online


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