Building identity loyalty through social media



All brands want loyal customers but building that community can be challenging. Forward-looking companies can achieve this marketing nirvana by incorporating Identity Loyalty principles into their social media strategies. Wharton business school lays the framework, emphasizing the power of social media as a means for brands to communicate their values and for consumers to help affect a brand’s narrative.

Commit to Authenticity

Thanks to social media, consumers can now easily share information about themselves—their shopping habits, travel preferences, hobbies, religious and political views and more. When used intelligently, social platforms offer organzations a creative means to connect with consumers whilst experiencing their brand.

Communicate your brand identity

When at all possible, a brand’s identity should be defined by the experience of interacting & consuming the offerings of the brand itself. And because that association is authentic, it can be used to highlight it’s uniqueness and defend itself from competitors.

Invite consumers to co-develop the brand identity

The relationship between a brand and its customers grows stronger when both parties contribute to its success. Empowering clients to share their positive experiences with their peers creates a strong & indisputable connection between their persona and your identity.


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