How 2013 transformed digital marketing?



2013: A year of transformation. Old-school marketing met new technology and redefined traditional models. 20% of organizations incorporated digital into each marketing function. Budgets are no longer siloed. Let’s look at how technology has been redefining the digital opportunity over the last year

Technology made creative more intelligent

Creative ideas are pushed to become more compelling as ADs are now skippable. ADs are evolving to become part of the conversation between consumers as social media becomes more prevalent.

Multi-screen support is becoming key

From studies and surveys, many consumers use up to 3 different screen combinations in a day. Typically on their mobile, their computer, and on their TV, making it more important to consider multi-screen support.

Digital Channels are Accountable for results

New technologies are making digital channels accountable for results. Aside from conversion rates and ROI, metrics like engagement rate and cost per engagement have become common buzzwords


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