Mobile path to purchase: five key findings



In our constantly connected world, consumers rely on smartphones more than ever to help them shop for products and services. Google partnered with Nielsen to better understand consumers’ mobile habits in the shopping process — from research to purchase.

Consumers spend time researching on mobile

Based on research and our findings, mobile consumers spend approximately 15 hours per week researching on their smartphone and on average visit mobile websites 6 times.

Mobile research starts with search

From our team’s observations, more smartphone users tend to start researching about products or services on a search engine vs. through a branded mobile site or mobile app.

Location proximity matters to mobile consumers

Studies from research indicates that 69% of consumers expect businesses found through search results on their mobile devices to be within 8 kilometers or less from their current location.

Purchase immediacy is key

Observations through our studies indicate that over half of consumers already want to make a purchase within an hour of conducting their research on a smartphone.

Mobile influences purchases across channels

Studies have indicated that approximately 93% of people who use mobile to research go on to complete a purchase of a product or service. Most purchases happen within physical stores.


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