The furniture shopper’s path to purchase



Digital is changing the purchase path for furniture shoppers. Today, 74 percent of all shoppers start their research online, driving 50 percent year-over-year growth for some retailers. Mobile search amplifies the opportunity for brand discovery, powered by generic keywords. Check out the data below to get the full picture.

Digital Shopping for Furniture is Growing

Based on research and our findings, nearly all furniture categories grew site visitation year-over-year, with online retailer sites and department store sites increasing almost 50%.

Researching Online is becoming a norm

From our team’s observations, close to 74% of furniture shoppers tend to look for product information through online resources before making a decision to purchase.

Non Branded Queries are driving conversions

Observations through our studies indicate that almost half of conversions made online were assisted by non-branded terms used by consumers in search engine queries.


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