Young males’ digital path to purchase



Guys spend more time online than watching TV. As a result, we wanted to see how the internet affects what they buy. In a study of over 5,000 18-34 year-old men, we discovered that they search twice as much as the rest of the population, and half discover new products in the process.

Guys look to the internet

Based on research and our findings, mobile consumers spend approximately 15 hours per week researching on their smartphone and on average visit mobile websites 6 times.

Guys are search pros

Studies from research statistics indicates that guys search twice as much versus the general population and get all the info they need from the first page of search results.

Guys are always connected, always mobile

Observations through our studies indicate that majority of guys are able to use multiple devices at a time and rely on their mobile phones at the store or researching something on the spot.


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