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Google Marketing Platform for Enterprises - Kasatria
Google Marketing Platform for Enterprises

Do your marketing efforts bring disappointing outcomes? Are you looking for an innovative and effective way to approach consumers and generate sales? Let’s connect with us for detailed consultancies about advanced advertising and analytics solutions. We are a certified Google partner who has helped many enterprises bring together their advertising and analytics, strengthen high-quality connections and get valuable market insights.

Plan Smart, Act Fast

We make sure to give you essential tools and guidance to get valuable insights about the market in the shortest time possible. You can later use the obtained insights to leverage to advertising and marketing plan to achieve desired goals.

Take 100% Control of Your Investment

By running tests and conducting in-depth analyses, we enable enterprises to see the deficiencies in their marketing strategy and help them make better business decisions.

Understand your target audiences

Our experts will access and integrate your database to get exclusive insights about your audiences. When we finished “painting” a complete picture of your target customers, we can help you develop a detailed marketing plan accordingly.

Enhance the efficiency of teamwork

Our solutions are designed to help you and your colleagues work together. You can invite individuals or teams to join the project and share with them useful information and insights. Teamwork has never been this easy.

“Sport is happening 24/7/365, so we need to be fast in our marketing and let our consumers know when a moment was enabled by an Adidas product.”

Chris Murphy, Head of Digital Experience, Adidas

Explore Powerful Digital Solutions with Kasatria

Google Analytics 360

Exceptional data collecting and interpretation solution for enterprises to build comprehensive customer insights and deliver an optimized experience.

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Google Data Studio 360

Data is indeed fun, especially with visualized and customized reports. Share these reports with your clients, partners or team-players to unlock insights from your data.

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Google Optimize 360

Test several variants on your digital platforms, whether it’s simple text, image or sophisticated feature, to find out the most engaging experience to your customers.

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Google Tag Manager 360

Tagging made easy. Simplifies all tag management processes in just one place.

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Google Display & Video 360

Make video marketing work for you. You could easily enhance your brand power by reaching online audiences at any time, wherever they are.

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Google Cloud Platform

Simply put, Google Cloud Platform is a combination of computing, hosting services & APIs which provides flexible infrastructure, end-to-security, modern productivity, and intelligent insights engineered to lead your business to steady growth.

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Are You A Small Business Planning to Go Big?

Check out more digital marketing tools and services available at Kasatria. We are proud to be one of the top consulting agencies for SMEs.