Search Ads 360

What is Search Ads 360?

Google search ads 360
Google search ads 360

Search Ads 360 which is also called DoubleClick Search is an advanced search management platform run by Google. Search Ads 360 houses a variety of tools helping agencies and marketers maximize efficiency in managing large-scale search marketing campaigns across multiple countries, engines, and channels. The platform processes optimization features which help you get the most of your search campaigns and reach your business objectives.

Why Choose Search Ads 360?

Stay responsive in real time

Search Ads 360, with its Smart Bidding feature, keep you constantly updated with data and new insights. You can later use these insights to optimize bidding strategy. Smart Bidding is flexible. It allows you to do bidding for several goal types, including but not limited to engine accounts, custom metrics, a host of attribution models and more.

Manage multiple accounts on one interface

With Search Ads 360, you can manage multiple accounts on one intuitive and easy to use interface. Search Ads 360 allows you to know what is working and what is not by connecting your search campaigns with other digital channels.

You can optimize your search marketing campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Naver, Yandex, and more. It would be a mistake not mentioning Search Ads 360’s robust administration and reporting. With an intuitive interface, Search Ads 360 helps to create in-depth metrics, additional segments, and dimensions to create high-level visualized report dashboards and analyze data in greater details. Reach full power of Search Ads 360 and maximize conversion rate using data from your Google Analytics 360.

Use insights to support business decisions

Search Ads 360 help you keep close contact with the customer experience and figure out the pros and cons of your systems. With robust reporting features, attribution tools, third-party solutions, and seamless integrations, the platform simplifies data interpretation processes and helps you make more informed business decisions.