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There are more than one billion users on Facebook and millions of them are actively updating their statuses, posting photos and looking for products to put in their shopping carts. It would be a huge step backward if you leave Facebook Ad out of your digital marketing plans.  

Here are some fun facts about Facebook Ad:

  • 23% of the world population is using an active Facebook account. There are more than 64 million users in Vietnam and nearly 13 million users in Malaysia.
  • 70% of Facebook users check their feeds every day.
  • People spend more than 50 minutes/day using Facebook and its related applications such as Messenger or Instagram.
  • 47% of millennials’ purchase decisions are influenced by social media.
  • $234 million worth of virtual goods and gifts are sold on Facebook over a quarter.
  • Facebook is no longer just a social media platform, it is an economy.

What are the objectives of your digital marketing plan? Whether it’s making your business stand out from the competition, attracting new audiences or increasing sales, Facebook Ad satisfies all your needs.

Now you know the tool. The only one mission left is using Facebook Ad wisely so that you won’t waste money for the wrong audiences.

At Kasatria, we have helped many clients save thousands of dollars with Facebook Ads optimization consulting services, including content, targeting and bidding optimization services. We work hard to ensure that our clients are able to achieve their business goals with the highest ROI. Let’s us accompany you in the journey of expanding your brand power on Facebook.