Google Optimize

What is Google Optimize?

Google optimize
Google optimize

For many small and medium businesses, websites are vital points of sales. Making experiences delightful for every visitor will help you increase traffic and conversion rate which also means making more profit. Google Optimize is launched to help you run quick and easy testing of your website, in term of page design and content variants, to figure out the best experiences for your customers and the solutions to deliver them.

Why Choose Google Optimize?

Turn data into efficient actions

Integrated with Google Analytics, Google Optimize enables you to identify the cons of your website. You can use data from Google Analytics to turn these insights into detailed and efficient action plans and make every online experience delightful for your customers.

Find out what works best for your audiences

There is more than one way to test variants of your website, whether it’s making subtle text and picture changes or using the raw HTML and JavaScript code editor to make advanced modifications. After that, all you need to do is analyzing statistical reports built on Google Analytics data and find out what works best for your audiences.

Personalize engaging experiences

Google Optimize, with its powerful features, enables you to deliver personalized experiences to your customer and to target one specific customer segments.

Take ownership over your website

If you are looking for a quick and simple way to publish new experiences to your website users, add one single line of code to your Google Analytics. Google Optimize is designed to work with Google Analytics. Therefore, all setups are ready within a few minutes.

Attract new customers

A/B testing with google optimize - Kasatria
A/B testing with google optimize – Kasatria

By making A/B testing and experiment multiple variations of your website, you can figure out which experiences work the best for your target audiences and gain more customers.