Google Tag Manager

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google tag manager
Google tag manager

If you aim to succeed at Google Analytics and Digital Marketing projects, do not miss Google Tag Manager which is a solution that helps you effectively manage the tags or JavaScript snippets delivering information to third-parties on your online platforms. Google Tag Manager centralizes marketing and analytics tracking on your websites and applications into one location and grants you the ability to manage them through an intuitive user interface. This tool supports powerful features such as version control or website debugging. Google Tag Manager is designed to work with other Google products like Google Analytics, AdWords Conversion Tracking, and Remarketing, DoubleClick Floodlight, etc.

Why Choose Google Tag Manager?

Improve your productivity

Thanks to Google intuitive design, you are entitled to change tags at any time, although there are countless ways to track activity across your online platforms. Google Tag Manager allows you to add and update tags for many purposes, including but not limited to conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, etc.

Bring comfort to your workplace

You are now free from the constant worries about the accuracy and reliability of your mission-critical data. With simple error checking and rapid tag loading features, Google Tag Manager ensures that the site is working smoothly, leaving everyone, especially the IT team, confident and happy.

Deploy tags from Google and third-party

Google Tag Manager supports all tags while giving you the right to add and modify tags on your own. You can also add a custom tag if needed. There is a variety of turnkey templates for Google and third-parties’ tags used for websites and mobile applications.

Bring your organization together

Google Tag Manager motivates efficiency by letting your team work together on workspaces and granular access controls. You can publish to several environments using multi-environment testing to make sure things are working as planned.