Google Cloud Platform

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google cloud Platform
Google cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is built on Google’s core infrastructure, data analytics, and machine learning. It is a range of computing resources allowing you to develop, implement and scale applications, websites, or services on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its end-user products.
Google Cloud Platform is available as a public cloud offering, providing more than 50 services including compute, storage, networking, application development, integration, big data, machine learning, cloud management, and more.
Among Google Cloud Platform’s exceptional services, Google Cloud AI and Google Machine Learning Engine are widely trusted by IT enterprises. These services make it easier for enterprises to implement AI technology, build, train customized machine learning models or implement pre-built models to enhance efficiency in their operation.

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Why Choose Google Cloud Platform?

Be ready in the long haul

Built to support long-lasting and consistent business growth, Google Cloud Platform offers secure, high-performance, cost-effective and progressive features.

Experience server-less computing

It’s time to have full focus on coding, not sever. With server-less computing solutions, Google Cloud Platform guarantee stabilized performance without any worries about capacity, reliability or performance.

Make data work harder for you

Business runs on data. There is no better way to offer a product that your customers will love than leveraging exclusive and practical insights obtained by big data solutions.

Optimize budget with reasonable pricing plans

Google offers a pay-as-you-go payment model, which allows users to use their services without any upfront payments. You only need to pay for the cloud resources you use.