Google Optimize 360

What is Google Optimize 360?

Google optimize 360
Google optimize 360

Google Optimize 360 is a premium version of Google Optimize – a website testing and personalization tool. Google Optimize 360 grants you the ability to run several A/B tests, as well as personalization campaigns on your digital platforms. You are enabled to collect data and insights, to deliver the best online experience for your users.

With Google Optimize 360, you have the full access to exclusive features such as additional testing capabilities and Google Analytics audience integration. This tool is the only experience personalization and testing platform for enterprises with native connections to Google performance and advertising data.

Why Choose Google Optimize 360?

Leverage data resources

Integrated with Google Analytics, Google Optimized 360 helps enterprises identify the deficiencies in their platforms. By processing and analyzing data from Google Analytics, Optimized 360 can identify unsolved issues, collect data, insights and propose solutions for you to deliver the best online users experience.

Test multiple variants with one tool

Google Optimize 360 empowers you to make multiple changes using easy-to-use features such as Visual Editor for running simple tests on image and text variants or Raw HTML and JavaScript Code Editor for more advanced modifications.

Let personalized experience guide you to the right audiences

Personalized experiences make it easier for you to target specific user segments. Google Optimize 360, with its powerful capabilities, helps you deliver custom experiences to your target audiences on Google Analytics, without the need to build new ones.

Take full control of your systems

With one single line of code added to your Analytics implementation, you are all set to explore full functions of Google Optimize 360 built on top of Google Analytics. Then you can surprise your users with fresh experiences using a few clicks.

Attract new users

By testing multiple variants and turning insights into actions, you can focus your experiment to your Google Ads and attract new customers to your site.